Livedrive and MyPCBackup- Two Of The Best Online Data Storage Solution

I have been around computers ever since I was a kid. My big brother had a habit of messing around with electronic stuffs and he was good at it.

I remember one day he put together a stand-fan from the compressor of our old refrigerator . And it ran quite well, too. He was good with computers as well and as a result computer parts were strewn all over the house. So, from very early age, I have been associated with computer parts and skeletal parts of computer.

This allowed me to learn a bit about computers . Soon I realized how delicate computers or laptops are and what allows them to work properly and efficiently.

One problem that people commonly face is hard drive crash.  According to a survey, every year about 52% of computer users lose irreplaceable data . So, it has become paramount today that you keep your essential data backed up in a safe place.

I am asking you!! Do you backup your data at all?

PC parts

Surprisingly , despite knowing the danger of hard drives crashing , fire , theft or other mishaps resulting into losing priceless data, people are oblivious .

About one-third of computers are never backed up, according to 2,257 respondents in a poll carried out by Harris Interactive. The survey came to the dismal conclusion that a scant 7% of users practice safe computing by archiving their systems on a daily (or nightly) basis.

“It’s pitiful how few people protect their key data,” says Dave Simpson, senior analyst at the market analysis firm 451 Group. “Once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

Of course you can backup your data in a external hard drive , but those have a higher chance of crashing too. I had a 40GB Hitachi external hard drive where I stored some of my most favorite Hollywood movies. One day it crashed suddenly and all my movies were lost. I was so angry and upset.

Ensuring the safe and secure storage of your vital data it the utmost concern of computer users now-a-days. That is why I wanted to talk about Livedrive and MyPCBackup. Is it worth using these to backup your files ?

My full review of Livedrive is given below . You can see my review of MyPCBackup HERE.

What is Livedrive:

Livedrive is an online backup service provider company that was founded in late 2008 by Andrew Michael.

In May 2009, three months after the product was launched, the business was offered a £100 million buy-out. Michael turned down the offer stating he wanted to build the company.

Livedrive Internet Ltd is currently  located at Regent House, Muirfield Crescent, London.  Livedrive cloud backup service  has all kinds of cool features that come with each plan.

For around $6 a month, you can get unlimited storage in one computer. There are other packages where you will get unlimited storage for 5 computers ,5 TB of cloud storage between all computers .You can sync between all computers. You can work on same file on PC and Mac There are scheduled automatic backup system , free mobile apps and accessibility of files from anywhere.

Backups are safe with the industry standard 256-bit file encryption used when transferring and storing data. It offers free mobile apps which allows you to backup your iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, Windows Surface or Blackberry device. . You can set up automated backups and simply forget about it. The software will keep running in the background and perform scheduled tasks.

The company also have 24/7 technical support, guides, and video tutorials so you’re not gonna get confused setting it up. It took me around 5 mins to get it installed and running, and was very user friendly.

I have purchased Livedrive software. I initially thought that its services will be mediocre at best.But I was in for a surprise . I was amazed how user-friendly the interface was and how easily I could backup my files . See my full review of Livedrive below:

Livedrive is an online backup solution that puts together secure file backup, unlimited storage space, synchronization and file sharing in single dynamic interface. At $6 a month for true unlimited backup space with no bandwidth throttling or file size limitations, it is good deal. Each packages offer a 14 day free trial.

Key Features :

  • Free Mobile/Tablet application
  • Unlimited space (As low as  $ 6 per month for unlimited storage)
  • Access files from anywhere
  • 100% automated and scheduled back
  • Sync with multiple computers
  • Supports Windows, Mac and Linux
  • 256 bit SSL encryption system

Software Installation

The install process was very quick . It took about three minutes . Within mere five clicks, the software was installed, configured, and started backing up files. Hats off to the developers for keeping the install short and painless.

The first step is easy. Just go to and sign up for an account, it’s free to try.
Package selection
Once you have signed up, it will prompt for the option to download for windows or Mac . Give your option ,download the program and install it. During installation , it will prompt for the username and password you used to signup for Live Drive.
un pass


Then it will ask you to “ choose folders for backup” . Select any folder you want to backup .

For test , I added the folder” Madonna” that contained three mp3 songs.

File Backup:

I was able to backup 2GB in about 5 hours on a broadband internet connection without experiencing any problems.

A helpful feature would be the progress bar which would show the amount uploaded and time remaining.

Viewing Backed Up Files

I could confirm that the files were backed up correctly once the backup was complete. In the software interface, I clicked the “View your Livedrive online”  button .It took me directly  to my files at website in browser. I could confirm that all the intended files were backed up in the same file structure. Here is a shot of the online Dashboard.


The backed up files were browsable similar to the way we do in Windows Explorer. Once I selected a file, I took me to a window where it gave me options to download , view properties, see versions etc. The layout was clean and easy to navigate

To access on your phone, use the phone’s browser and go to “” and login to your account. The iphone app of Livedrive behaves the same as the website does on the computer. Most phone’s can not restore data directly, but you can save photos and play music and videos.

Restoring Files:

Restoring files was simple. There are two ways to restore files.
1. through the software
2. through the website

Restoring files through the software: While Livedrive is open, click on the icon in toolbar and go to “Restore Backup” button to open the Livedrive restore window. Use this window to navigate to the files or folders you need .Right click on the file you want to restore and select “Restore” from popup menu.

Restoring files through the website using a web browser: In order to download files from online, you have to individually select each file to download. There does not appear to be a way to download whole folders at once. This makes restoring from the web cumbersome for bulk file restores. Other than that, this method is just as easy as using the software.

Different Versions of your files: You can go to an older version of a file by selecting the file and clicking “Versions” in either the software or the website. Versions are historical changes in files. Every time a change is made, a version is backed up. This feature allowed me to find a version of a file from three days previous to the newest file version. It retains the information from the earlier version of the file. This is helpful in restoring files that may have been accidentally overwritten or changed .

Advanced Backup Settings:

There are some advances options that can be set by the user. These include the backup schedule, file selection, file types and security settings.

Backup Schedule:
There is a manual file selection option that allows for more control of the backup. Under “Settings” , you can choose “Realtime Backup” or “ Scheduled Backup”. This is helpful when you are backing up a specific set of files at different starting time. The file selection is easy to use and operates very well.


Backup Schedule


File Selection:

All types of file extensions can be added or excluded from being backed up.

Mobile Application:
Mobile App
The mobile app for Livedrive is clean and elegant. It automatically backups up the camera roll on the mobile device if enabled. Customers can also use the app to backup devices connected to their account remotely. Having a free mobile application has greatly enhanced the popularity of Livedrive.


The first thing I am not happy about is that the software does not show any progress bar and time remaining for any storage activities that is going on. Once given command , it just minimizes and starts uploading data in the background. When asked of this shortcoming , the support answered me that the software is meant to run in the background . It does not interfere with general activities .The users have the luxury to be completely oblivious of the ongoing backup process. They can cross check the online folders at the end of the day, if they wish. I liked their concept.But still it is a drawback in my opinion.
Secondly, the response of their support team is slow. But the service of the software was exceptional and only once in eight months I queried about something.

Comparison with other providers in market:

I had heard that Livedrive is far ahead compared to other backup services out there. And I am fully confident of my claim since I am a paid subscriber . You can judge yourself by looking at its popularity. Go to – which shows popularity of search terms in Google. You will see a graph that is rising in popularity in for the last 3 years ( a snapshot is given here).

Feel free to check popularity of other online storage providers. You will see that most are declining.
Previously I have purchased another online backup service . It does not even have a good interface. It was not user friendly . I frequently lost data from the online folder with no explanation. There is no way to check whether backup is still running or stopped. There is no advanced scheduling options to speak of . The support is completely crappy . I did not get response to any of my query mails. Feel free to compare with other online storage service providers .

Packages and Prices:

There are four packages available: Backup, Briefcase, Pro Suite and Business.
Backup: You can get unlimited online backup for one computer at as low as $6/month .
Briefcase: 2 TB of cloud storage between all computers and you can sync between all computers. The price is as low as $12/month.
Pro Suite: You will get unlimited storage for 5 computers . 5 TB of cloud storage between all computers and you can sync between all computers. The price is $19/month.
All packages come with a 14-day trial period which is completely free to signup. After 14 days, you have to select a package to continue the service. There are monthly , 1 year and 2 year packages available. You can make payment through Paypal or credit card.

Final Verdict:

PC parts
Livedrive is a great option for home PC backup or offices with several computers. If you have a large corporate environment , Livedrive will not be the solution for you but chances are you are looking at more robust solutions.
But if you are an individual customer, there is no better backup systems available in the market now than Livedrive.

The software is easy to install, with minimal options to select and it just works. This is the key factor for home users.
If you are looking for an online backup solution that is user friendly and backups up your files reliably , I strongly recommend LiveDrive for you.


What Features Your Online Data Backup Service Must Have ?

Cloud storage

You have to consider several items when you’re looking for quality online computer backup services. The first thing you need to know is how much space you require. Some services offer a variety of storage space allotments so you can pick the plan that best fits your needs. Others offer unlimited storage space for a monthly subscription or an annual price.

The next thing you’ll need to consider is what kinds of features and tools you want to have. Some services offer not only basic backup tools, but also tools for sharing,  versioning and mobile access. The critical features are mentioned below :

Backup Features-
Such features are automatic backups, archiving, incremental backups and file managers. The best online backup services should offer an intuitive user interface, and it should be simple to set up automatic transfers and syncing. The versioning feature will keep separate versions of your saved files and allow you to access any version at any time . It is an essential feature to have if you accidentally delete a file or save a change you didn’t mean to keep.

Remote Access
Remote/ Mobile/ Web Access-
Many online file backup services offer remote-access features, the ability to sync to multiple computers, folder or album sharing and access from another computer with a web browser. Some services have a mobile application so that you can view or change your backed-up data from your Smartphone or tablet.

It’s important that your computer data is being protected with high levels of encryption both during the transfer and while it’s in storage. Some data backup companies are known to provide security standards as high as  448-bit encryption level  which is better than your bank. Secure transfers and private storage are paramount. I looked at the types of encryptions each service uses, and I gave preference to the companies that store your data on multiple servers.

Backup Space-
Each one of the Offsite backup solutions offers different plans with a variety of storage limits, from a few gigabytes up to several terabytes, all for a monthly subscription fee. Some services offer an unlimited amount of backup space, usually at a discounted annual rate.

Ease of Use-
The best online data backup services should be user friendly . The tools and features in the user interface should be simple to understand and easy to work with, intuitive and straightforward.

Remote Access
Help & Support-
There should be adequate help and support options, such as a user manual, FAQs page , step-by-step solution to common issues and more. You should be able to contact the online data backup service by telephone, email or live chat 24/7 .

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